Sun Greets The Sky

I went out for coffee this morning, by myself.  I found the smallest table I could, since the coffee shop was super packed. Cappuccino in my right hand, my book pressed to the table with my left hand.  While reading, I noticed a guy holding a plate of food looking around.  I told him he could join me at my table.  He accepted.  Then said he wouldn’t speak a word to me, he didn’t want to interrupt.

Personally, I would rather talk to someone than read a book I carry in my bag all the time, in fact, this is my fifth read through of Art & Fear.

Knowing I can start up a small conversation pretty well, I tried my best to mind my own business.  I didn’t last very long.  Twenty minutes of sharing a table and casual conversation with a stranger was a great start to the weekend.

I hope this opportunity presents its self again soon.

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