unapologetic joy in the unconventional

I don’t take on many photo project these days. Nashville is flooded with many people who either have a nice camera and will do things for free or extremely talented photographers who rely on this medium for their living.  However, every now and then, a project comes along and everything just makes sense for me to accept the invitation to work with a team on a project.


Insert Lilyan James, created by my brilliant friend, Lindsey Stewart Sharrod.  Lilyan James is more than beautiful bags.  From their vision statement, Lilyan James is a brand that is solely designed for women that forge their own paths.  Leaving what is comfortable, they are the much-needed sparks, the late-night inspiration types, always thinking, traveling, connecting and experiencing.  They do not study life, but experience it.  Embracing every mistake, curiosity, and celebration.  They build a life that is theirs.  They find unapologetic joy in the unconventional.  Their path is their own.


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